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The Most Confusing Part of Life Is...

The part of life that confuses me the most is how we expect young people to decide their future in high school or early college little to no life or work experience to back up their decision.

Case in point, when I was looking at colleges and majors back in high school, my dad suggested I think of business and I scoffed at him. I wanted to be a teacher. Had ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher and that is what I first went to college to be. After an unforeseen failure to get accepted into the School of Education at the university I was attending, I had no focus or drive to figure out something else. I had never had more than a summer job that would not have led to a career and had no idea what I was supposed to do.

I dropped out of school and got a job. I ended up working for a business, an airline, as a receptionist working with a human resources department. I loved it! I loved every aspect of human resources. I never would have chosen that as a career path without this hands-on experience.

So, three years after dropping out of school and three years working with human resources, I started school to finish my degree with a major in business and graduated two years later.